Digiday launched a new podcast today that I think you’ll find worth listening and subscribing.

Why a podcast? You might be thinking that podcasts were obsolete ten years ago. As it turns out, podcasts are experiencing somewhat of a revival lately with popular shows like Serial and Men in Blazers (my favorite). Big time investors/futurists like Fred Wilson are taking notice.

So, as part of their reporting, it makes sense for Digiday to cover podcasting.  But they’ve taken it a step further by producing their own podcast. It’s a natural extension to the work they already do.

We at Bionic are honored to provide the financial support for its launch. I’ve long been a huge fan of Digiday’s work. They cover the important issues in digital advertising and cut through the b.s. to bring clarity and honesty to confusing topics. I think this podcast will add a powerful new dimension to their journalism.

I also think you’ll agree that Ricardo Bilton, Shareen Pathak, John McDermott, and the Digiday team did a fantastic job in the debut of their Podcast. They put in a ton of effort to work through myriad logistics and, more importantly, to develop a good show.

Listen here for episode 1, which covers the use of the new lingo “bae” and “on fleek” in advertising, a new service to motivate rich people to get to the gym, and the interesting things Digiday learned this week in the world of advertising. Enjoy!