June has been an awesome month here at Bionic. Six extremely talented AND cool people have joined the team here to further improve the products and service you get from Bionic.

Want to know how they will be helping you? See below for interviews with each of the new Bionic team members.

Jack Boffa, Senior Software Engineer Intern

jack boffa - 200x200

I work on developing the HTML and JavaScript components of the software. I help with creating new features, testing, bug fixing, and product upgrades. It’s really anything code related. Some examples would be making the flowchart tool more flexible and creating new functionality like exporting charts to PowerPoint.

I make sure things work well so you have a smooth experience. In general, I make things more streamlined and easier to use.

I am a rising sophomore at Stanford University. I’m majoring in either computer science or symbolic systems… I’ve not yet decided.

Kang-Li Cheng, Product Management Intern

kang-li - 200x200

I build test plans, test the product, and help manage the test cycle. I also participate in product design meetings, so I can help balance how usable the product is with how feasible it is to build.

A big part of my job is ensuring that you get a high quality product. Testing helps us deliver a finished product that meets your expectations.

I go to Cornell University. I’m majoring in Math and Economics and have taken some computer science classes. I’d like to be in software after graduation, so this is a good opportunity to get started. I’m going into my senior year.

Amanda Colburne, Marketing Intelligence Specialist

amanda colburne - 200x200

I research and then put together the listings in our directory of advertising products within the Bionic system. One example would be GulfLive.com. If you want to advertise there, you just look it up in the system and it gives you the placements that are available, whether it’s online display, or radio, video, mobile, or print – as well as the sales contact. I put in descriptions too, so if you are searching for something broad, for example automobiles, you can immediately find everything that is available related to automobiles.

In my role, I consolidate advertising information so you can focus on your actual work. You don’t have to go find it yourself.

I joined Bionic from Lake Sunapee Bank. I was a teller there for 7 years. I joined Bionic because I went to school for marketing, and it’s the direction I want to go in my career. I went to Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach, and I majored in Marketing.

Yosef Osheyack, Marketing Intelligence Specialist Intern

Yosef Osheyack

I do media research, and then turn it into data that you can access quickly.

This helps you grow your business by giving you a better way to find advertising opportunities, so you can make choices better and faster.

I went to Castleton State College in Vermont, and played soccer there. I changed my major from accounting to marketing. I think it’s really interesting because there is so much potential. You get to have a lot of flexibility and creativity, and can help develop businesses to grow which is awesome. I also play for the USA Deaf Soccer National Team.

Molly Plank, Marketing Director

molly - 200x200

I do two things. One is making sure you know that there actually is an awesome way to do media planning, buying, and marketing performance. The second part of my job is making things easy for you to understand.

I’m pretty obsessed with the easiest, least painful way to get things done. I like helping you learn about who we are and how Bionic helps you have a better life at work.

I joined Bionic from Bottomline Technologies. While I was there, I helped lead a turn around and an acquisition. Before that, I helped with a top of range IPO. I am a totally accidental marketer – I went to Hiram College, in Hiram Ohio (famed for the longest losing streak in football history and a 98% acceptance rate into med school). I double majored in Spanish and Business with an Economics minor.

Matteo Saadat, Software Engineer

matteo - 200x200

I’m a programmer. I enjoy crafting products that people enjoy using. I feel it is actually quite artistic – we make new things. It’s very innovative and we make life better. What I’m doing right now is I’m working exclusively on the front end design of the product to enhance usability.

The code I’m writing is the first thing that you see and touch. The product should be clean and simple and easy to navigate. By making it obvious, it is more enjoyable for you to use.

I attended Wellmont Technical College and majored in Software Engineering. Before that, I spent a year in Universita degli studi di Perugia, studying computer science, and I studied mechanical engineering in Azad University, Tehran, Iran.