1. Tracking down rare Pokémon is the equivalent of finding that missing insertion order

superman searching

It was right here! All your coworkers keep telling you they saw it…in different places. Let’s face it, it’s probably gone forever.

2. You now question the places you’ve begun to frequent

where am i

That nondescript alleyway? Either you’re meeting with a rep, a client, or trying to catch a Meowth. Probably a combination.

3. Your words are indecipherable to the uninitiated

Bonus points for knowing which of these aren’t Pokémon: Quintile, Garbodor, Cume, Electrode, Eevee, Roadblocking, Daypart, Abra.

4. Pokéstops shower you with gifts just for showing up

Pokéstops and thankful reps are one and the same.

5. Unless you’ve done it, you just don’t understand

“So tell me exactly what that’s all about?”