Insertion orders (IO) and media authorization (MBA) forms are as unique as the companies that issue them. Each contains its own on-brand formatting, specialized layout, custom fields, and tailored legalese. Bionic supports your right to individuality and gives you the option to export both IOs and MBAs to your own custom templates.

Why do we accept excessive copying and pasting as a way of life?

For those unlucky enough to still be media planning in Excel copying and pasting is a necessary evil of the daily grind. First, you suffer through the headache of building your media plan using a tool which, quite honestly, is not built for advertising. Then once the plan is perfected and approved, you still need to go through the error prone process of copying and pasting the information from your media plan into your IOs and MBAs one by one. If time is money, you might as well call in the bankruptcy lawyers now.

Generic forms just don’t cut it

Most software will export to generic forms, assuming it formats exported data at all. This doesn’t address the problem of excessive copying and pasting since you’re still forced to double-back to transfer the information from their form to yours. Too often pieces of information you need will be missing since it’s not required for their version. This means you’ll have to triple-back to find the necessary information in the program and copy that into the form. We don’t have to tell you how annoying it is to copy between programs over large data sets.

What’s the point of setting up all that information up in your media plan if it’s not automatically included in the important forms you need to bring the plans to life?

Bionic support for custom IOs and MBAs gets rid of that kerfuffle by pulling all the information you need directly from the designated media plan. Not only will this save you tons of time, it’ll also increase consistency and accuracy. Plus, you’ll be confident that your entire organization is accessing the latest versions. No more outdated templates lingering on hard drives scattered throughout the office.

Setting up your custom outputs is simple

If you’re already a Bionic customer, it’s easy for you to get your custom layouts set up. Just contact Bionic Customer Support at support[at] and include your IO or MBA templates. We will work with you to implement your template so when you export you are getting exactly what you need.

Don’t have a custom format? No need to worry! Bionic will continue to provide our standard templates.

If you aren’t yet using Bionic media planning software you can learn more, see a demo, and request a trial here: