In advertising, you’re often creating variations on a theme. Once you find advertising placements that work, you’ll want to re-use them in other campaigns. Cloning is a surefire way to blaze through media plans by eliminating the need to key in data from scratch when creating placements with similar attributes. Using cloned placements as a starting point and making necessary edits to the start and end dates, rate, or URL, is an intuitive way to save hours over the course of a plan. This powerful feature was kicked into overdrive in today’s software upgrade.

Now you can quickly bulk clone rows either to the media plan you’re currently working in or even to a totally different media plan. Cloning flights and an entire, or piece of, a package are as easy as cloning an individual placement. You can also create multiple instances of a clone. For example, if you need to clone the selection 12 times you can do so with one click rather than repeating the process ad nauseam.


Cloning also works in harmony with the new features in the upgrade. Clones can be easily color coded to match the original or changed to the color of your choice. Cloned placements will also copy the tasks associated with the original so you can be sure that the quality control process is consistent.

Creating dozens (or hundreds or thousands) of variations in your media plan


Do you have a set of placements that you want to repeat with slight variations? Maybe you want to just edit the flight dates or creative. Bionic now makes this fast, easy, and accurate.

Simply select the lines you want to clone then hit the clone button to create the new copies. Then hit the edit button to create the variations. In no time, you’ll have created a robust media plan with all the variations your client requested.

Recycle your best placements

Want to recycle the best placements from your last media plan? No problem, simply select the high performing placements, hit clone and indicate your new campaign as the destination. Now all you need to do is adjust the start dates with batch edit and your new campaign is instantly poised for a big win.

Upgrading your cloning is as easy as logging in

If you’re already using Bionic, cloning has been automatically added to your software. All upgrades, including the new media buying workload management and media plan color coding feature, are part of your subscription and free of additional charges.

If you aren’t yet using Bionic media planning software you can learn more, see a demo, and request a trial here: