Companies are constantly coming up with ingenious ways to integrate workflow automation. These impressive advancements resulted in the creation of the Bionic Agency of the Year award to recognize the advertising agency that has made the most significant improvements in workflow automation technology that reduces non-working media costs, improves results for advertisers, and increases job satisfaction for its employees.

This year we received a record number of entries. All demonstrated exceptional efforts towards streamlining their day-to-day work. In the end, two entries rose to the top. After hours of debate, it was decided that both James & Matthew and PSquared Digital had so far exceeded expectations in foresight, dedication, and results that the only fair outcome was to name both a Bionic Agency of the Year.

James & Matthew represented New England ingenuity well by showcasing what happens when a talented agency makes a commitment to improving operations. Their holistic approach boosted efficiencies in all areas of the agency, has yielded real dividends, and is a viable model for making the advertising industry more productive.

With offices in Boston, Orlando, and Chicago, James & Matthew requires fast, accurate and reliable procedures that remain scalable and employable globally. The agency made a concentrated effort to incorporate processes that afford team members more time to work on a high-level and with more passion. The results are an estimated 30 percent more time dedicated to deliverables and a reduction in waste over the process.

The elimination of hours of administrative tasks empowers them to focus on delivering the best possible work for clients and fine tune long-term strategy. This has set the company up for an exciting 2017. The optimization has also allowed James & Matthew to concentrate on generating new business in the form of internal marketing, social media, prospecting, and responding to more requests for proposals (RFPs).