Working with sales reps to create advertising packages that nail clients’ goals is a big part of being a media planner. It takes an understanding of the markets, foresight into potential performance, and negotiation with vendors to put the media buy in a position for success. When it comes together, the final version is a complex mix of cross-channel programming, various target segments, and meticulously selected dates.

Coming to an agreement on the package is just the start of the work. Before Bionic, media planners would finalize all the gritty details in their Excel built media plans piece by piece. Then came the process of scheduling the ads. Oftentimes packages run heavier during certain periods and lighter during others, a practice known as flighting advertisements. Scheduling flights introduces even more data entry and complications to the spreadsheet, sometimes at the cost of accuracy and readability.

Previously, each advertisement in a package would need to be flighted independently. For example, if the package contains four ad placements and each placement has six flights, 4×6=24 flights would have to be manually set up. Then all these flights would need to be maintained as the changes to the media schedule inevitably rolled in.

Flighting packages doesn’t have to be more work than getting the actual advertising deal done. Package automation tools in Bionic Media Planner enables quick grouping and editing of attributes for the packaged advertisements – even cross-channel placements. Creating a package makes it easy to update on the fly without the need to do complicated calculations or copy over sophisticated marketing formulas.

With Bionic’s capability to flight packages, it’s easy to accurately build, review, and execute media plans. You can now set up your advertising flight schedule for the entire package once and have it automatically flow down to all of the placements in the package, thus eliminating a ton of tedious work and risks of errors.

Flighting the package makes it painless to break up the total media spend on the package into easy to manage groupings (flights) that can each be independently scheduled and adjusted as needed. This affords planners more control over when they want to get in front of the target audience – maybe around big holidays or during certain seasons.

Flights and packages are both collapsible saving valuable screen real estate. What once seemed like unmanageable media plans with hundreds or even thousands of line items are now easier to maneuver. Pair this with color coding and finding specific advertisements or groupings is a cinch.

Cut down on the busy work

If you’re already using Bionic and want to learn more about flighting your packages, contact customer support or check out the webinar we held earlier this week. We’re happy to help you to get the most from the software!

If you’re not already using Bionic and tired of getting bogged down with endless data entry and monotonous copy and pasting, Try Bionic Media Planner today. It takes care of the busy work so you can focus on getting the best deals and formulating the best strategy for clients.

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