When making advertising decisions, media planners and media buyers rely upon information provided by ad sales teams. The media kit is a key document that describes an advertising program, the audience reached, advertising options, inventory available, pricing, and other key information.

Unfortunately, most media kits are not as useful as they should be because they lack basic information needed to make buying decisions, are not consistently formatted, are not readily available. This leads to missed opportunities, unnecessary RFPs, and wasted time for everyone involved in buying and selling.

Bionic today unveiled a Media Kit Grader tool that measures the quality of media kits and helps ad sales teams to identify and correct problems with their media kits. The goal is to make it easier for media buyers to buy your ad inventory, and therefore maximize ad sales!

The Biggest Media Kit Database

Bionic has compiled the industry’s most comprehensive, searchable database of standardized media kits.

Bionic has compiled the industry’s most comprehensive, searchable database of standardized media kits. It contains 42,330 media kits from 12,002 ad sales organizations, including publishers, TV stations, radio stations, website operators, digital audience providers, billboard operators, and every other advertising channel. Each standardized media kit – also known as a “data card” – represents an advertising program available for purchase by advertisers and their advertising agencies.

Media planners and media buyers use these media kits to formulate media plans and to purchase advertising media through Bionic for Agencies. Ad Sales teams have direct control of their media kits through Bionic for Ad Sales.

How the Media Kit Grader Works

Bionic uses a proprietary algorithm to score every media kit between 0 and 100 based on the presence of a descriptive overview, reach data, impressions data, a comprehensive list of advertising options, pricing, ad sales contact information, and the freshness of this data.

How to See Your Grades and Understand Problems with Your Media Kits

Bionic for Ad Sales shows you a list of your media kits, your quality score for each, and identifies problems with warning indicators.

How to Fix Problems with Your Media Kits

Bionic makes it easy for you to fix problems with your media kits. Simply click on the name of the advertising program to bring up a media kit editor, which enables you to correct problems.

How to Get the Media Kit Grader

If you are already using Bionic for Ad Sales, your account has already been upgraded with the Media Kit Grader tool. You will find your grades under the “Programs” tab next time you sign in. Please contact support to better understand your quality scores and for help with fixing any problems you discover.

If you don’t yet have Bionic for Ad Sales, you can get your free account on our website here: https://www.bionic-ads.com/seller/

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