Media Planning is no easy task. The last thing you need is complicated software to slow you down. With Bionic media planning software getting started is easy and hassle-free. Most new customers are successfully creating their first media plans using Bionic within 48 hours (if not sooner). Here’s how it works:


Day 1

Trial Request Icon

Trial Request

To get the ball rolling, you initiate your account setup by requesting a trial through our website. Bionic comes with a 14-day money back guarantee. If you don’t love it, we’ll refund your money. This isn’t a walled off trial version either, you’ll have access to the full suite.

Get Your Bionic Account – 14-day trial


Easy Account Setup Icon

Easy Account Setup

Once we receive your trial request, our Customer Success Team will setup your account. This usually takes an hour or so.

Since Bionic is 100% cloud-based there’s no complicated software to install or setup. If you have a web browser and an internet connection, you’ve already got everything you need.


Easy User ID Setups Icon

Easy User ID Setups

We’ll email you instructions on how to get User IDs for each of your team members. It’s as easy as  forwarding the special hyperlink to each of your teammates. The ink sends them to a specialized page on our website where they can request their own User ID. Upon receipt, we’ll set them up and send them login instructions. Again, usually in about an hour or so.

Day 2

Custom Training Icon

Custom Training

Bionic comes with unlimited training at no additional cost. The best way to get started is to attend a 60-minute introduction to the software. Although most of Bionic is intuitive and requires no special training, there are features in Bionic that you might not expect. Our training director will work with you and your team to schedule a custom training session, or multiple sessions, to meet your needs.

Create Your First Media Plans Icon

Create Your First Media Plans

The Bionic Customer Success Team will help you to successfully create your first media plans. We’ll guide you throughout the process to make sure you are getting started on the right foot.  You’ll get all the help you need and soon you’ll be dazzling your clients and colleagues with your new media planning software.

And Beyond…

Unlimited Lifetime Support Icon

Unlimited Lifetime Support

With Bionic, you get free unlimited lifetime support. We’re here to help you as the demands of your business changes over time: adding new clients, adding new team members and bringing them up to speed, providing advice, and getting you acquainted with new features.


Plus Free Software Upgrades Icon

Plus Free Software Upgrades

You also get free upgrades to your media planning software. The world of advertising never stands still and neither does Bionic. With Bionic, you get a steady stream of innovations. About every month or so we roll out software upgrades with lots of new improvements from performance and speed enhancements to exciting new features to help you work faster. And we take requests! No one knows media planning like you do, which is why most of these software improvements are ideas that come from customers like you.