The Bionic Directory has reached a new milestone: more than 10,000 digital advertising programs are now listed. What’s become known as the “Rodeo Drive of digital advertising,” this Directory includes detailed information about premium digital advertising programs from the best publishers. The listings in the directory – known as “data cards” – reveal detailed information about each advertising program including placement options, inventory, pricing, audience statistics, and key sales contacts. The goal of the Directory is to make it easy to buy the best digital advertising inventory directly from the source.

“I’m really happy about the enthusiasm for the directory,” said Joe Pych, founder and CEO of Bionic Advertising Systems. “It’s been a long road and slow going at the beginning. We started on this project three and a half years ago. Although it had been done for other traditional media channels, nobody had ever built a directory like this for digital advertising. At first, getting premium publishers involved was tough because it was a foreign concept. Now that it’s proven to be a great sales lead generator and the foundation for programmatic direct, it’s taken off. We hit our 10k goal well ahead of plan and adoption just keeps accelerating.”

The Directory can be accessed in 3 ways:

  1. Everyone can access basic listings for free through the IAB Digital Advertising Directory
  2. Media planners can access advanced listings for free through Bionic Digital Media Planner
  3. Advertising technology providers can access the directory through the Bionic API

Listings in the Directory are free for qualified sellers of premium digital advertising programs. Members of the IAB get preferred placement. Visit Bionic’s Ad Sales page to learn more about getting your programs listed.