Bionic Advertising Systems today announced an upgrade to its Media Planner system that adds support for traditional media channels such as TV, radio, and print. The media planning tool now enables media planners to create media plans with placements across 24 different advertising channels, representing the full range of digital and traditional offline media.

“Bionic Planner was originally designed to solve the problems specific to the complex and expensive process of planning and buying digital advertising,” said Chris O’Hara, co-founder and CRO of Bionic.  “Since its launch a year ago, media planners have started by using it for their digital media planning. Along the way we noticed a pattern: inevitably after getting into it, they would ask us how to use it for ALL their media planning. Now that digital is becoming more mainstream and integrated in the advertising mix, nobody wants to use one planning tool for digital and another one for traditional advertising.”

The latest version of Bionic planner solves this problem by adding a full array of  traditional media channels including television, radio, billboards, magazines, newspapers, free standing inserts, postal mail, package inserts, and many more. Even obscure channels such as aerial banners are now an option. In all, Bionic now supports 24 different media channels.

Media experts applaud the expansion.

“Smart marketers are not interested in ‘traditional’ or ‘digital’—it is all media and they expect their agency partners to plan, execute and report across that spectrum,” said Scott Miraldi, Client Services Director at Mediassociates. “Bionic Planner is the best tool I’ve used to plan across media tactics. The intuitive interface and robust database free you up to think beyond the tactical and into the strategic needs of a client.”


This new functionality is available today. If you’re already using Bionic Media Planner, you can include traditional media placements in your media plans by simply adding lines and selecting the appropriate choice from the newly expanded drop-down list in the channel column. If you’re not already using it, request your free trial of Bionic Media Planner at: