Happy International Emoji Day! Yes, indeed, there’s actually a holiday to celebrate emoji and that day is today, July 17th.

Did you know that Bionic uses emoji to monitor marketing performance? Last month, we rolled out a set of features around marketing performance management. One of the design risks we took was to employ emoji to express how well or how poorly campaigns and advertising placements are performing.

The great emoji debate and how it was resolved

We had a spirited debate here on the propriety of using emoji in a serious marketing system. On one side: “emoji are totally unprofessional!” On the other: “but they’re sooo cute!” Ultimately, the haters stormed out of the room and which left the rest of us to agree that emoji might help to highlight the outliers in marketing performance. So, we decided to take a risk and give the emoji an audition in Bionic.

Here’s how emoji are employed in Bionic

On campaigns, you get a metrics dashboard that includes a panel on the left that shows the pacing status of each of your key performance indicators:


You’ll notice that emoji are used to express the success or failure ranging from angry to ecstatic. Clicking the emoji reveals the detailed data that caused this emotion.

On your home page, you see a listing of all the campaigns you are watching along with brand new tiles for each performance metric that is important for that campaign:


I’m happy to report that the emoji have received extremely positive feedback. Besides bringing some levity to an otherwise mundane application, it’s been an extremely powerful tool for identifying problems and opportunities with advertising placements. With emoji expressing all your key performance indicators on your home page, it’s easy to spot poorly performing placements. In just the first few weeks, we’ve already had some big success stories that we’ll be sharing with you soon.

This is me after getting this positive feedback:


What do you think? Are emoji appropriate in a professional marketing system?