Advertising flowcharts are one of the most powerful tools for presenting your media plans. Bionic has recently completed a three-phase upgrade of its flowcharting capabilities. You can now create beautiful, full color flowcharts that include all your important advertising metrics plus actual performance data.

Would you like to see a demo of Bionic’s flowcharting in action?

We held a free webinar on Wednesday, October 28 at 1:00 PM eastern to show off Bionic’s flowcharting capabilities. We recorded the session for those that could not make it or wanted to see it again. The video is about 20 minutes long and covers:

  • Integration between the media planning and flowcharting functions
  • Color coding your advertising flowcharts
  • Displaying additional metrics on your flowchart (beyond media cost)
  • Exporting your flowcharts to PNG image, PDF, and Excel
  • Creating and saving flowchart views

Here it is: