The advertising industry waits for no one. Speed and usability are irreplaceable when building media plans, which is why Bionic’s latest upgrade injects even more of both into its media planning software. This upgrade builds off last week’s optimizations to ensure that Bionic can keep pace with your quick wits and furious fingers.

There are a number of improvements to the overall performance of the system. Most importantly, much of the upgrades are in heavily trafficked areas where you conduct day-to-day activities, such as the media grid. You should immediately see a boost in rapidity while scrolling through the media grid due to quicker response times in the fields. Moving rows are also snappier. Similar progress has been made in accessing proposals, line item costs and opening large campaigns.

Here are the big upgrades we made under the hood:

  • Media plan interface – Any little delay when creating your media plan can throw you off your train of thought. We went through the media plan software field by field and made numerous small speed improvements that add up to a more fluid media planning experience that keeps you in the zone. The planner is now optimized to run more than five times faster.
  • Campaign Cloning – A campaign so nice you want to run it twice. Cloning saves you time by letting you create an exact duplicate of an existing campaign. From there you can run it again or make some tweaks. We’ve turbocharged the process and reduced clone times by 99 percent.
  • Line Item Cost – Optimized loading time of the line item cost page. This is most noticeable in large campaigns.
  • Reviewing Proposals – Proposal loading times have been reduced by almost 90 percent.
  • Login – Hit the ground running. Bionic now gets you logged in twice as fast.
  • Landing Page URL – Are you enjoying the new Google Analytics Tracking URL generation? We’ve added the option to filter and sort by the landing page to help you better discern where you’re driving traffic, right in the media planning grid. It’s now easier to be certain your traffic sources are on point.

If you see something, say something

The reason we’re able to adapt to the constantly changing media landscape is due to the great feedback we receive from clients. If something isn’t working like you think it should, or if you have an idea on how we can make your work day a little easier let us know! Remember someone once sat in a meeting and pitched an idea to make a movie about a tornado full of sharks.