The more complex and extensive your media plans get the harder it can be to differentiate one row from the rest, it’s just the nature of the beast. Finding that one placement to edit in a sea of dozens, or even hundreds, is like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. Filtering helps, but sometimes you just need it to pop off the page. Today’s upgrade brings the often requested feature of color coding so you can do just that.

Color coding helps keep your media plans organized


Color coding provides your team with the visual cues necessary to call out items, differentiate mediums, and create a generally more tidy plan.

Want all your broadcast placements to be blue and your digital to be green? Done!

Need everything you’re working on to be orange and everything your partner is working on to be purple? You can do that too.

Are you reviewing a media plan and need clarity on a placement from a team member? Mark it in yellow so it grabs their attention when they go back in.

Want to indicate a placement still needs client approval? Flag it in red.

It’s easy to do


Colorizing your rows is seriously simple. In your media plan select the row or rows you want to color then click the Color button with the paint bucket icon to choose one of the 15 color options available. Repeat the process for each color.

Pro Tip: If doing this for a previously created media plan use filters to quickly color code items by vendor, dates, target, and more.

Beautiful color palette


Rather than just plopping in unattractive colors, Bionic has created a palette that is not only functional but beautiful. Colors like Ocean, Sky, Lavender, and Blush keeps your media plans looking ready for primetime.

Color works with cloning


Color coding also works in harmony with the more powerful cloning that has also been introduced in this upgrade. Clones can be easily color coded to match the original or changed to the color of your choice.

Color us ready

For Bionic customers, color coding and the full palette has already been installed for you along with workload management and a more powerful cloning toolIf you aren’t yet using Bionic media planning software you can learn more, see a demo, and request a trial here: