Bionic Ad Systems today unveiled a new feature in its Digital Media Planning System that will aid media planners by maintaining and displaying a given media program’s usage history within the agency.

According to a 2013 Digiday State of the Industry survey, 76% of agencies are still using 80’s spreadsheet technology to build their media plans. One problem with Excel (or a typewriter for that matter), is that the hours of research, planning and negotiation that goes into the plan is lost. The plan’s knowledge is not captured in such a way that the data is readily available to others at the agency. For those agencies, their media plans might as well be a piece of paper in a file storage box, as its information is not indexed and easily accessible. While the record may exist, the memory of plans, campaigns, publisher deals and client preferences lives only with the planner and is lost when she leaves the organization.

In contrast, with Bionic’s Digital Media Planner, nothing is ever lost. Your media plans are automatically stored and indexed in your agency’s cloud-based storage system. By using Planner, you add to a consolidated organizational memory and reap the benefits of a data-driven system to make the entire planning function more efficient. The new program history feature, combined with private advertising deals (which displays all your agency’s custom placements and special rates), further empowers you with smart planning tools that take advantage of your organization’s combined experience. And isn’t that what being on the same team should mean?

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