Bionic Advertising Systems today announced support for media packages and roadblocks in its Digital Media Planner and Digital Ad Seller tools to expedite complex advertising deals.

Previously, Media Planners complained that important details of packages got lost in the communication shuffle, which led to confusion and extra back-and-forth messaging with their salesperson to confirm just what a package contains.

The latest version (version 2.7) of Bionic Planner and Bionic Seller solves this packaging problem with a new interface that makes it simple to create and present packages of advertising inventory and roadblock deals.

Bionic Seller now enables an ad salesperson to easily build and propose package offerings to a Media Planner, complete with the myriad details.  Upon receipt, the Media Planner instantly sees what the offering contains. And with a single acceptance click, the package information is automatically added to their media plan.  No copy-paste, no confirmation emails, no questions.

Bionic Planner also now enables media planners to construct (or de-construct) packages and roadblocks with a simple drag and drop interface. The system does all the complicated math and makes it easy to perform “what if” analyses.

Now that’s a nice package to receive!

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