Next time you create an advertising flowchart in Bionic Media Planner, you’ll notice some handy new features to customize your flowcharts:

Time Scale


Previously, all flowcharts were on a monthly time scale. Now, you can choose between weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. As before, you can choose between a standard (Gregorian) calendar or Broadcast calendar.

Secondary Grouping


Previously, you were limited to one level of grouping in your media plan. Now, you can optionally choose a second level of grouping to better organize your flowcharts.

Display Values


Previously, your flowcharts only showed total media cost. Now, you can choose which metrics to display. Currently, you can choose from Ad Serving, Additional Cost, Agency Compensation, Estimated Impressions, Net Media Cost, Total Cost, and Total Media Cost. Stay tuned… there are more metrics to come in a few weeks along with phase 3 of the flowcharting upgrade.

And more…

You’ll also find various refinements to the user interface and other handy features. For a full list of the updates, see the Version 2.20 Release Notes.

How to get this flowcharting upgrade

If you’re already using Bionic Media Planner, good news: you already have it! Your account was upgraded automatically as part of your subscription with Bionic, which includes free upgrades. If you’re not yet using Bionic, you can request access here: