Yosef Osheyack, a member of Bionic’s Market Intelligence Team, is taking a break from his day job to bring his talent to a different team – The USA Deaf Soccer Team. Yosef will be representing Team USA in the 2016 Deaf World Cup Soccer Tournament, which will be held June 19 – July 2 in Italy. In this tournament, the very talented Team USA will compete against the national teams from fifteen other countries for worldwide supremacy.


This is Yosef’s third World Cup and his third attempt to bring the elusive gold medal back home to the United States. He’s been training hard since January – running, lifting, and playing soccer every day. He’s certainly prepared himself for the highest level of success.

Team USA will start its 2016 campaign in group stage games against Japan on June 21, Greece on June 23, and Russia on June 25. After that, Team USA will move on to a series of knockout stage games leading up to the finals on July 2. For results, check the Deaf World Cup results page. For real-time updates and Team USA stories, follow USA Deaf Soccer on Twitter.

To see him in action, watch this video from Team USA featuring Yosef as “speed” (which is appropriate given our focus on faster media planning):

No matter the outcome, Yosef is the superstar on the Bionic team. We’re proud of you, Yoyo!