Your logo is the visual cornerstone of your advertising agency’s brand. It’s the encapsulation of your agency’s identity and separates you from the pack. Both instantly recognizable and unique, you know it’s important to show your logo loud and proud when promoting your media buying services to prospective clients. Then why doesn’t your media planning software present your logo front and center for maximum impact?

Win new clients with your branded media planning tool


New business pitches are extremely competitive. Just take a quick look at the Luma Partners Agency Lumascape for a survey of the apex predators. It’s predicted that more business will be up for grabs in 2017 than ever before. According to Advertising Age, “Nearly two-thirds of leading U.S. advertisers are planning for creative agency reviews in the next year.” With so much new business for the taking, you need to leverage every advantage you can.

As part of your next new business pitch, imagine presenting an image of your media planning system emblazoned with your agency logo. When compared to agencies using makeshift Excel spreadsheets for media planning, you will stand out as a consummate professional operating on a sophisticated platform. And you’ll be more likely to win new clients.

Retain clients with your branded media planning tool


It seems that trust between advertisers and their advertising agencies is at an all time low. There’s been a steady drumbeat of stories in the trade press about shady dealings and mismanagement that are eroding the reputation of advertising agencies. At a time like this, it’s more important than ever to remind your clients that you have their best interests in mind.

In a world where many agencies still use flimsy, unreliable Excel spreadsheets as their media planning “system,” you can distinguish yourself by using a dependable, modern media planning system that sports your brand identity. This demonstrates your commitment to consistency, diligence, productivity, accuracy, effectiveness, and professional approach to media buying. Your client will be reassured of their trust in you as their media buying partner.

How to brand your media planning tool with your logo


Bionic recently released an upgrade to its media planning software that enables you to brand the interface with your company logo.

If you’re already using Bionic media planning software, it’s easy to add your logo. You already have the new software as part of your subscription, which includes free upgrades. Simply email an EPS version of your logo to with the subject line of “Please add our logo to Bionic.” We’ll take care of the rest for you.

If you’re not already using Bionic media planning software, you can get it here: