Last night, Bionic released version 2.35 of its media planning software. This free upgrade includes new tools that improve the efficiency and accuracy of the media planning process, especially for teams managing huge media plans or lots of campaigns.

The media plans being created with Bionic media planning software keep getting bigger and more complex. That’s because advertisers are becoming more demanding and sophisticated, while media teams are becoming more precise. Our core mission is to eliminate your grunt work to empower you to focus on more strategic and rewarding activities. This latest software upgrade contains new media buying tools to streamline your day. Here are the highlights:

Access Your Work in an Instant

You’ll notice big improvements to the Advertisers and Campaigns tabs on your home page. The new intuitive search function makes finding advertisers or campaigns a breeze, even in the most massive of databases. Once you find them they’re easier to follow and unfollow to create a more organized workspace that makes it easier to access those most relevant to you.

Packages Takes Flight

Now, you can flight advertising packages as easily as individual placements. When you activate package flighting, all the placements in that package automatically inherit the flight pattern of the package. This saves you time and effort when flighting complex packages and ensures consistency and accuracy.

Honey, I Shrunk the Media Plan

Media Plans can get unwieldy when they contain a boatload of placements, packages, and flights. Expanding or collapsing all packages or flights can be done with a single click.

Epic Advertising Flowcharts

With an advertising flowchart, it’s nice to see everything on one page. But sometimes there’s just too much to show without using a poster sized piece of paper. You were previously able to paginate your flowchart with the Excel export. Now, Bionic will also automatically paginate your flowchart when exporting as a PDF.

No More Working Weekends

Bionic project management’s task reminder features just got smarter. When calculating the task reminder date, it now excludes weekends.  So, if your task is due on Monday and you asked for a reminder one day in advance, you will get the reminder on the preceding Friday, not Sunday. This way, you get a reminder in plenty of time to complete your work during normal working hours.

Enjoy your weekends!

Fly Through Landing Page URLs

When flighting a placement, the landing page URL for each flight is often the same. It’s a chore to set the URL manually on every flight. Power users would use the batch update tool. Now, it’s even easier because entering the landing page URL on the placement will automatically flow down into all your flights.

Webinar Video


This webinar will help you get comfortable with the new features introduced in this upgrade. Casey and Joe cover the following topics:

1. Access Your Work in an Instant (2:06)
2. Honey, I Shrunk the Media Plan (6:43)
3. Packages Take Flight (8:06)
4. Fly Through Landing Page URLs (16:30)
5. Epic Advertising Flowcharts (18:58)
6. No More Working Weekends(23:04)

How to Get the Media Planning Software Upgrade

If you’re already using Bionic, your software has already been upgraded for free as part of your subscription. The next time you log in, you’ll see all these new features. Contact customer support for training and guidance with these new features.

If you’re not already using Bionic, you can see a demo and sign up for an account on our website here:[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]