Bionic unveiled a new “top down costing” tool that automates the process of calculating the working media portion of your advertising budget. This solves a conundrum that perplexes media planners every day, particularly in programmatic advertising.

The Advertising Waterfall Working Media Conundrum

Your programmatic buying platform is asking you to enter a budget to spend. You know your overall budget, but you need to carve out allocations for ad serving fees, ad verification fees, agency fees, DSP fees, data fees, and myriad other fees. After netting out all those fees, how much is left for working media?

You have to solve this complicated math equation to stay on budget with your advertising. However, with all these various fees and fee structures, you have to be a math genius to properly solve for working media. Many employ spreadsheet, but some take a short cut and simply “guesstimate” working media (and often guess wrong).

Bionic’s New “Top Down Costing” Tool

With its latest upgrade, Bionic’s media planning software automates the complicated process of calculating your working media with a new “Top Down Costing” tool. With this new tool, you simply indicate your overall budget and Bionic will automatically calculate each of your itemized fees and ultimately solve your net media (working media). Then you can enter this number into your programmatic buying platform with the confidence your placement will be on budget upon completion

Here’s a video of “top down costing” in action.



Top Down Costing Isn’t Just for Programmatic Advertising

Although one of the main applications of top down costing is programmatic advertising, it can be used in any situation, online or offline, where you need to back into net media cost from a total budget.

Top Down Costing Gives You Radical Advertising Fee Transparency

With major advertisers demanding more transparency, accountability, and control of advertising Investments, it’s more important than ever to itemize costs. This new Top Down Costing tool pairs nicely with the Bionic’s recently introduced advertising fee transparency tools. In addition to solving for working media, it also carefully itemizes and displays every piece of your advertising investments, including all those devious little ad technology and data fees.

Instantly Visualize Your Media Investments

Bionic also rolls up the advertising fees into an easy-to-understand allocation chart that enables you to see where your advertising investments are being spent. You see exactly how much is going into working media versus all the other fees. It gives you a clear view of the efficiency of your advertising investments.

How to Get Top Down Costing

If you are already using Bionic, your account has already been upgraded with the new Top Down Costing tool. As usual, you got this upgrade for free as part of your subscription.

If you are not yet using Bionic, you can request your account through the Bionic website.

How to Use Top Down Costing

We’ll soon be hosting a webinar. In the meantime, you should call, email, or chat with customer support – we are anxious to help you get the most from this powerful new Top Down Costing tool.