You should be recognized for your media buying prowess. You can now prove how much you saved on your media plan with Bionic’s media investment management software.

Advertising Media is a Big Investment

Advertising is a big investment. You expect big results from your advertising investments. One of the main drivers of advertising performance is the placement and frequency of your advertising.

Media placements are often the most expensive component of an advertising campaign. If you effectively reach your audience, your advertising is positioned to succeed. On the other hand, if you don’t reach your audience with memorable frequency, your advertising will surely fail. So, buying the right media in the right quantity is critical.

Media Buying for the Win!

Effective media planning will identify the best media to buy. Effective media buying will buy that media at the best price.

Like all investments, you want to buy low to get the best return. If you overpay for media, your ads will get less exposure and your results will be depressed (and depressing). However, if you negotiate good prices for high quality media, your ads will get more exposure and your results will be maximized.

The main goal of media buying is to achieve the best advertising results by securing the best ad placements at the lowest price.

Prove Media Savings with Bionic

As a media buyer, it’s important for you to demonstrate the value of your hard-fought negotiations. Bionic will help you prove the value of your efforts by automatically calculating both the percent discount and the money saved on every single placement in your media plan.

Bionic will automate all the calculations that go into the media plan. It has built-in calculations for dozens of cost methods covering the spectrum of old-school traditional media to new-school digital. It handles tricky currency conversions. Then it totals it all up for you in a tidy summary.

Bottom line: you can now prove to your advertiser exactly how much you saved them!

How to Get the Bionic Media Savings Calculator

If you are already using Bionic, you already have the media savings calculator.  You received this with the latest upgrade of the software as part of your Bionic software subscription, which includes unlimited free upgrades. You will find the new columns on each of your media plans to the left of net media cost.  If you don’t see them, these columns might be hidden. Please call, email, or chat with our support team to learn more about this new feature. Don’t hesitate to contact us because you also get free unlimited training and support!

If you’re not yet using Bionic, you can find information, see a demo, and get a trial on our website here: