In media planning, it’s often desirable to vary the advertising delivery schedule between the start date and the end date of the media placement. Sometimes you want to introduce gaps in delivery – a “hiatus” or “blackout period.” Sometimes you want to heavy up or lighten up the delivery throughout the delivery period. Sometimes both. This is known as “flighting” your placement.

A crude way to accomplish flighting is to break your placement into a separate placement for each flight. While certainly capturing the start date, end date, and quantity for each flight, it complicates your media plan with a bunch of unnecessary line items and creates downstream problems with flowcharting, trafficking, monitoring, and workflow.

A better way to accomplish flighting is to create a flight plan for your placement. With the latest release of Bionic Planner, you can now easily create advanced flight plans.

Adding a flight plan to a placement is simple. Simply click the action button on the placement that you want to flight and click the enable flighting option:


You will be asked how many flights you want to create:


Then Bionic will create your flights and automatically distribute the dates and quantities for your flights:


From there, you can adjust dates, adjust quantities, add flights, remove flights using the controls in your media planning interface.


Besides getting your media plan just right, the beauty of this feature is its smooth integration with flowcharts, allocation charts, ad server trafficking, and monitoring. For example, here’s this line on our flowchart:


And here’s an example of a delivery monitoring chart with flighting activated. Notice the blackout periods and the variation in delivery schedule.


Advanced Flighting is the latest in a series of innovations from Bionic including cloud-based media planning, online collaboration, RFP automation, digital advertising directory, private marketplaces, advertising flowcharts, cross-channel planning, allocation charts, media calculator, multi-currency, native advertising support, PowerPoint media plan exports, and campaign delivery and pacing monitoring.

All of this and more is available today in Bionic Media Planner. If you’re not already using Bionic Planner, request your access at: