True Media has won the 2015 Bionic Agency of the Year Award. This award is given annually to the advertising agency that has made the most significant improvements in workflow automation that reduces non-working media costs, improves advertising results for its clients, and increases job satisfaction for its employees. True Media also won this award in 2014.

“Winning this award twice is an impressive feat because winning this award once makes it harder to win it again – especially two years in a row,” said Joseph Pych, CEO of Bionic Advertising Systems. “Selection is based on improvement in operations over the prior year. True Media set a high water mark with the process improvements they made in 2014. Then they surprised everyone by leveling up once again in 2015.”

The factors that set True Media apart from the other agencies under consideration were:

  • 30% time savings by eliminating manual data entry, data gathering, and document production
  • Improved employee morale by shifting time from low value, “grunt” work to high value, fulfilling work
  • Elimination of errors through automation
  • Introduction of new training program

True Media’s new employee training program is the factor that most contributed to their selection again this year.

In 2015, True Media introduced a new program to train both new and existing employees on best practices in media planning and on proper use of the tools used on the job. This “True University” training program is split into two courses – 101 (self-paced) and 201 (classroom) – and requires 16 hours to complete. The training program includes a comprehensive curriculum, interactive training, exercises, and tests. All new hires are required to successfully complete training before working on client projects. And existing employees were required to complete the program as part of their continuing education. As a result, True Media ensures its clients a high level of quality and consistency in its work.

As uncovered by a recent study by Digiday, training is a key factor in agency job satisfaction (along with career path).

“It’s an honor to be recognized as the Bionic Agency of the Year,” said Elizabeth Van Kort, Associate Media Director of True Media and architect of the training program. “More importantly, the positive feedback I’ve received from the True Media team and our clients makes all this effort worthwhile.”

True Media was presented with the Bionic Agency of the Year Award at the December 2015 iMedia Agency Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona.