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Project Management Software for Media Buying Teams

Media buying requires good project management to succeed. Although not the most exciting topic, it’s business critical.
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A study by Harvard Business Review discovered that simply having everyone on the team each knowing their own responsibilities is the most important factor in successfully executing a strategy – far more than organization charts, incentives, and other organizational factors that tend to get the most attention from management. Media buying, like every strategy execution, requires good project management to succeed.

You understand the importance of project management, but media planning systems have not traditionally included project management as a feature set. Media teams have had to depend on secondary tools to help manage the process. Unfortunately, general purpose solutions can be more of a hassle than a help to advertisers. While it solves the problem of task management, efficiency takes a hit since you need to make time to babysit yet another system. No one who works in media has time to drop what they’re doing to log into a separate piece of software just to update and review tasks.

This is why most project management software implementations fail at advertising agencies. It’s almost impossible to gain universal adoption by the team. What started with the best intentions, inevitably ends up as a ghost town of sporadically maintained task lists. Since you’re never confident it’s up-to-date, you’re left without a reliable information hub after an embarrassing rollout failure.

Project management needs to be integrated with the media plan

Bionic Project Management SoftwareExecuting a media plan is like walking through a minefield. There are many ways to fail in a significant fashion. Only the most diligent people can do it perfectly. When tasks are forgotten or done incorrectly, it’s both embarrassing and a serious business issue.

Solving this project management problem required a new approach. What you need is a project management tool that integrates with the media planning and buying process. No separate login or system. You need project management software that understands your job: media authorizations, insertion orders, trafficking, reporting, and each of the 42 steps in the media buying process.

Designed in partnership with veteran media buyers and planners, Bionic Project Management fits into your hectic schedule by combining project management with media planning and marketing performance monitoring. Stop bouncing between programs that don’t communicate and finally get everyone on the same page. Updating your projects takes no extra work because it’s now integrated with the planning process. All your tasks are on the same line as your media plan details.

How can Bionic Project Management improve your day?

To Do Now

Before you even grab that first cup of coffee, your most urgent tasks are automatically populated in the “To Do Now” list so you can dive right in. The tasks are all clickable and expandable making it easy to get all the details you need.

Workload management

Walking the tightrope between optimizing bandwidth and overworked used to be a guessing game. Workload manager displays precisely how many hours of tasks each person is dealing with. Avoid burnout and low morale by making sure that each of your team members has the right amount of work.

Media plans are far from set in stone. Easily reallocate tasks and reorganize accounts to help divide and conquer. Even justify hiring more talent when everyone is maxed out. Did someone call in sick? It’s a snap to identify what they’re working on so your team can shift priorities.

Easy team-wide adaption

There’s nothing for the team to “buy-in to” because they already use Bionic for their planning and buying needs. With project management rolled into your workflow, you can view, edit, and add tasks while you’re deep in your media planning and buying process.

Everyone knows what they’re handling

Avoid duplicate efforts or confusion over assignments. Tasks can sort at the campaign level to quickly determine who is handling creative, trafficking, insertion orders, and more on each of your campaigns.

Start managing projects like a boss

If you’re already a Bionic customer you already have access to Bionic Project Management. We will work with you to help maximize the usefulness of the feature.

If you aren’t yet using Bionic you can learn more about what we offer at bionic-ads.com.

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Bionic Project Management

Finally, project management made for media teams.
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