Are you familiar with ID Comms? They provide excellent advice for media professionals and their insights will give you an edge in your next pitch and buy.

If you’re unfamiliar, ID Comms is a London-based consultancy led by David Indo and Tom Denford. They advise major brands on media strategy. They also produce #mediasnack, a weekly YouTube series highlighting current events and trends in media.

In the most recent #mediasnack Episode 68: The Week that Changed Media Forever, David and Tom previewed their recently completed 2017 Global Media Thinking study. ID Comms surveyed about 200 advertisers from around the world on strategic thinking and strategic capability related to media. The results show that both the advertiser and the agency side believe that strategic plans in media fail to hit expectations. Additionally, advertisers and agencies STILL feel like media is a cost to be managed rather than an investment for growth.

Their full findings will be discussed in a webinar on Wednesday, March 22 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time. They will discuss what media, marketing and procurement leaders around the world think about the state of strategic media thinking.

Tom has graciously given me permission to extend an invitation to all Bionic customers. If you care about the future of media and the future of your business, I highly recommend you take an hour out of your day to attend this webinar. Here’s a link to register:

(The webinar is over to download the report visit

I’m excited to learn more about what they’ve found and hope you’ll also gain some valuable insights into the state of our industry.