Bionic has upgraded its media buying software to handle Facebook’s new performance-based advertising objectives: engagements, likes, and installs.

Traditional media planning systems lack the capabilities to deal with Facebook and other digital platforms that offer performance-based payment options. As such, it’s difficult for media planners to manage and track campaigns that incorporate performance-based pricing using these systems.

Bionic Adds New Cost Methods for Facebook Performance-Based Advertising

Bionic has long supported Facebook advertising for both media planning and marketing performance monitoring.  In response to Facebook’s new advertising pricing options, Bionic has upgraded its own software to include three new cost methods:

  • CPE – Cost Per Engagement
  • CPI – Cost Per Install
  • CPLk – Cost Per Like

With these new cost methods, Bionic enables you to incorporate Facebook’s new performance-based advertising capabilities into your advertising plans. You can create your media plan, set your KPI goals, and then monitor your performance against your goals.

Get These New Facebook Advertising Tools

If you are already using Bionic, your account you will see these upgrades the next time you log in. The Client Success Team is ready to help out with training or questions.

If you are not yet using Bionic, you can learn more and request your account at