Bionic today unveiled new capabilities for tracking ad creative placements and performance in its media planning software, enabling you to easily answer questions like these:

  • Which ads are running in this media plan?
  • How much media budget are we putting behind each ad creative?
  • How much exposure does each ad get?
  • Which ads perform best?

Unlike other solutions for tracking ad effectiveness, Bionic seamlessly integrates ad tracking with media planning. This unlocks insights that are not available in any other system. With Bionic, you finally gain a complete picture of the investment, efficiency, and effectiveness of your ad creative!

Ad Tracking in Media Plans

Media plans in Bionic now include a new “Ad” column that enables you to specify which creative is used on each line of your media plan.  This is a major step up from a text-based custom column because it shows a visual thumbnail of the ad right in your media plan and quick access to the details of the ad creative.

Ad Creative Details

Bionic gives you quick access to the ad creative details including specifications and image, audio, and video creative assets.

Ad Usage Report

Bionic reports on where the ad was placed and how much media was invested.

With a single click you can see the lines in the media plan that used that ad.

Advertising Flowchart

You can see when and where each of your ads are running in an advertising flowchart.

Searchable Ad Catalog

Bionic enables you to organize all your client’s ad creative across all media channels into a searchable catalog.

See Ads Tracking in Action


Above is a video recording of a webinar where Casey and Joe show off the key features of the new Ads Tracking features through a live demonstration.

How to Get Ad Tracking

If you are already using Bionic, you already have all these new capabilities! Your account was automatically upgraded as part of your subscription, which includes free upgrades. You will find all these new tools the next time you log in. Your client success manager will help you to get the most from the new capabilities.

If you don’t yet have Bionic, you can request a trial here:

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