Media planners, you’re going to like the new “tres comas” media planning tool. It will save you thousands of keystrokes and eliminate costly typos.

Media Plans Have Lots of Commas

When media planning, you’re often working with numbers in the thousands, millions, and sometimes billions. So, you’ve got lots of commas and zeroes at the end of your numbers.

Entering all those zeroes into your media plan could give you carpal tunnel syndrome.  And it’s too easy to accidentally add an extra zero or forget a zero. Just one of these mistakes would be costly.

Introducing Bionic’s “Tres Comas” Media Planning Tool

Bionic’s “tres comas” media planning tool was introduced in the latest upgrade. For every trailing comma you leave on a quantity, Bionic will automatically multiply that quantity by one thousand.  For example:

  • “1,” becomes “1,000”

  • “2,,” becomes “2,000,000”

  • “3,,,” becomes “3,000,000,000”

This nice little productivity tool will save you thousands of keystrokes and will eliminate errors on your media plans.

How to Get Tres Comas

If you’re using Bionic, you already have the “Tres Comas” tool. It’s been installed in your account as a free upgrade. The next time you enter a big number into your media plan, just enter a trailing comma for every “000” you would like at the end of your number.  If you have any questions, contact customer support.

If you’re not yet on Bionic, you can request a trial here:

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