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Break free from Excel sheets and say goodbye to endlessly keying in data. Bionic takes care of the busy work allowing your media team to unlock its true potential and dominate the market.

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The Problem

Despite the Mad Men era pencil and paper spreadsheets being traded in for Microsoft Excel, advertisers face many of the same shortcomings. Hours are begrudgingly dedicated to manual data entry at the risk of calculation errors and typos. Confusion over inconsistent versions results in lost data. Workflow remains inefficient, the analysis is insufficient, implementation blunders remain, placements fail, opportunities are missed, results are sub-optimal, and most importantly employees and clients are unhappy. To top it all off, once the media team finally gets through the complicated 42-step process, your company has spent more than $40,000 in labor. It all seems a bit crazy, doesn’t it?

The Solution

Bionic Media Planning Software is the holistic solution that provides media teams the dozens of tools they need. Eliminate the grunt work by building media plans on Bionic’s dynamic cloud-based interface, generate advertising flowcharts at the click of a button, analyze media plans based on your marketing goals, manage the vendor RFP process, and even automate execution and advertisement placements. Bionic also has a built-in project management system to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, deadlines are met, and your team stays organized.

You’ll love that Bionic handles the brawny work while you to focus on the strategic, brainy work. Your clients will love that it streamlines their spending, integrates with their marketing platforms, and optimizes their results.

The Cost

Bionic costs $125 a month per userCost efficiency is the name of the game. At only $125 a month per user Bionic Media Planning Software won’t blow the budget. See our pricing page for details.

Product Reviews


“First time I brought a Bionic created flowchart into a meeting, the Account Director on the business says, ‘Are you using a new template for this? This looks fantastic!’ She was immediately able to appreciate that this was a system that would help all of the activities of the agency flow better.” – Micah Donahue, Principal and Contact Strategy Director

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True Media

“As an agency that’s growing and expanding, we have to continue to look at our processes and Bionic has been a really big part of our innovation over the last couple of years.” – Elizabeth Van Kort, Associate Media Director, Digital

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Accountable Digital


“When I think about the impact that Bionic has and what it does for us as an agency, it pulls us together. It really helps streamline our processes, streamlines delivery, helps for consistency.” – Peter Platt, President, Accountable Digital

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Powerful Media Planning Tools

Below are some of the most powerful tools you get with Bionic Media Planning Software. Request a product demonstration for a comprehensive overview of capabilities.

Media Planning Control Center

Securely store all your media plans and advertising results in one place and share them across your team with user access control. Bionic’s version control ensures you never waste time searching for the latest media plan or scrambling to transfer edits. The ‘To Do Now’ section shows you exactly what’s due soon and the organized, easily accessible client history makes bringing new team members up to speed a snap.

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Create Media Plans

Media planners have called Bionic “Excel on steroids.” While we won’t promise any muscle growth, you will see results faster while saving time and eliminating costly errors thanks to these powerful advertising tools. Maybe you will have time for the gym after all.

  • Cloud-based media plan spreadsheet
  • Data entry accelerators
  • 19 built-in costing methods including CPM, GRPs, per spot, vCPM, CPA, and CPC
  • 24 built-in advertising channels including TV, Radio, Print, Direct, Billboard, Online, Mobile, Search, and Social
  • Easy advertising flight scheduling and package creation
  • Searchable advertising directory
  • Market and rating support
  • Pricing guidance
  • Automatic foreign currency exchange
  • Agency compensation calculator
  • Ad serving fee estimator
  • White labeling
  • and much more!


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Visualize Media Plans with Advertising Flowcharts

You’re a media planner not a graphic designer. Bionic lets you create professional, custom advertising flowcharts at the click of a button. No more bugging your design team or spending hours trying to cobble together graphics.

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Analyze Media Plans

Slice and dice your media plan to analyze spending from every angle: over time, by vendor, by program, by channel, by ad unit, or by any other dimension of your media.

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Manage RFPs and Vendor Proposals

The RFP process can be a major time sink and organizing all the numbers from the responses is a headache. Bionic is your air traffic controller for RFPs. Seamlessly distribute, track views and replies, and manage incoming proposals. Accepted proposals flow right into your media plan so there can be no confusion on what RFP the vendor was responding to.

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Present Media Plans

Bionic helps you craft the presentation that gets your plan approved. Easily create a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation chock-full of graphs, charts, reports and company logos directly from your media plan. Save hours of time and eliminate errors and omissions.

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Execute Media Plans

Getting the green light on the project is just the start. Bionic makes flawlessly implementing your media plans seriously simple with automation for insertion orders and trafficking to ad servers. We can also export both IOs and media authorization forms to your own custom templates.

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Optimize Campaign Performance

Advertising is no longer set it and forget it. The hard work begins when your campaigns go live: finding and fixing broken placements, adjusting poorly performing spots, and doubling down on winning advertisements. Bionic breaks the traditional boundaries of media planning software with its fully integrated marketing performance management tools.

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Software Integrations

Software Integrations

Bionic Media Planning Software was built from the ground up to play nice with other systems. Its modern, cloud-based adapter architecture makes it easy to connect to your systems – both commercial and proprietary – via secure APIs and data feeds. Bionic’s list of integrations is growing every day.

Getting Started with Bionic is Easy

implementation diagram
Media planning is no easy task. The last thing you need is complicated software to slow you down. With Bionic Media Planning Software getting started is easy and hassle-free. Most new customers are successfully creating their first media plans using Bionic within 48 hours (if not sooner). Learn more about the onboarding process.

Who uses Bionic?

Because there are so many different media planning tools in Bionic, it’s used by a number of different roles:

  • Media Planner: create and execute media plans
  • Media Director: staff management and new hire on-boarding
  • Account Manager: media plan status and campaign performance
  • Ad Operations: trafficking and verification
  • Finance: monitor spending and reconcile invoices
  • CMO / Marketing management: understand plans and optimize performance
  • CEO / Executive leadership: financial performance and marketing performance


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