Remember that magical moment when you opened your first iPhone?  It had everything you needed, right?  Out of the box it had everything everyone needed: Phone, SMS, email client, web browser, music player, calendar, alarm clock, maps, calculator and notes.  But the magical part was what came next: the ability to add your own apps that not everyone needed because, ‘There’s an app for that’.  Not only did you add apps, but you changed the order of the apps, you customized the screen and the controls: you made it yours.  I know that if I mistakenly pick up someone else’s otherwise identical iPhone, it only takes a second for me to realize it isn’t mine – everything about it is different! I have 139 apps on my phone, and I am certain there is not another person in the world that has the exact combination of apps! Among the apps I use is an app that decodes the specs of a resistor according to the color of the stripes on it, an app that helps me fill out a youth hockey score-sheet, and a neat Camera Lucida app that helps me make awesome cookie and cake decorations.  See what I mean about unique? No one else has exactly the same interests and needs as me.

The world of the Digital Planner is pretty much the same in that each organization works differently – you have different customers with different needs and different specialties.  In the absence of good workflow tools, you developed a system that fits only you, probably around Excel.  In fact, Excel is still used by 76% of digital media planners.  There have been many attempts to replace Excel as a media planning workflow tool, but none have really succeeded, even though they offered time-saving workflow automation. Why? One big reason they failed is because they didn’t offer the customization that media planners need for their clients. Those tools tried to force you to fit everything in their rigid box.  Anytime there is a trade-off between efficiency and flexibility, flexibility wins.

What if you didn’t have to choose between flexibility and efficiency? With Bionic Digital Media Planner, you can finally have both!

Starting with last week’s release of Planner version 2.6, you can now infinitely customize your media plan just like you do with the apps on your smartphone. You can add columns for product, strategy, tactic, offer, location, audience segment, or whatever else you need for your plan. You get all the efficiency of a modern, purpose-built media planning system combined with the flexibility of Excel. However, in typical Bionic fashion, this new feature goes way beyond the capabilities of Excel:

  1. Typeahead feature streamlines your data entry
  2. Standard picklists keep your database clean
  3. Integrates and extends the capabilities of ad server reporting
  4. Integrates smoothly with your agency workflow

No other media planning system offers you this unique combination of power and flexibility.

Interested in upgrading to a real workflow system that you can customize as easily as your smartphone? Request your free trial of Digital Media Planner here: