As if you needed yet another reason to finally ditch Excel and start using a real media planning system: fresh on the heels of Beautiful FlowchartingBionic Planner now enables you to create kickass allocation charts right from your media plan with a click of a button.

During the planning process, it’s critical to ensure your media plan is properly balanced over time, by seller, by channel, by program, by ad unit, and by other client specific metrics. If you’re working in Excel or some other inferior media planning tool, it could literally take you hours of mind-numbing number crunching to calculate all these allocations. And even more time if you want to create a nice visualization of all these allocations. Meanwhile, you’re neglecting your real job which is developing an awesome media strategy for your client. That’s why they pay you the big bucks, right?

Good news: you can give yourself a promotion today.

With the the latest version of Bionic Planner, you can rid yourself of all that lousy grunt work and impress your clients with stunning allocation charts like this one that shows spending over time:


… and this one that shows spending by vendor:


… and this one that shows spending by channel:


… and allocations by media program, by ad unit, etc. You get the idea. And it doesn’t stop there.  As you add custom columns to your media plan, the system instantly creates corresponding allocation charts. For example, on the media plan for my Tesla Electric Vehicle Launch campaign, I  added columns for Tesla Model, Tesla Store, and Tesla Offer. As I added each column, Bionic Planner automagically created corresponding allocation charts like these ones by Tesla Model:


… and by Tesla Store:


… and by Tesla Offer:


These beautiful allocation charts are updated automatically while you’re working on your plan.  As you add lines, tweak rates, and adjust quantities, all your allocation charts are updated instantly. This means your allocations and charts are never out of sync with your media planning worksheet. It also means you never again have to recalculate all your allocations and re-do all your charts because your client forced you to change “one stinkin’ line!” in your media plan.

Want to add these sweet allocation charts to your presentation or report? That’s easy, too. Just click the “Get Image” button to bring up an image that you can copy to PowerPoint or whatever program you’re using. You can also save it as an image file to your hard drive for safe keeping.

You can get all these allocation charts in Bionic Media Planner today. To access them, open up a media plan and click the “Allocations” tab. It’s that simple. If you’re not already using Bionic Planner, no worries: you can request your free trial of Bionic Media Planner at: