The famous poet-philosopher Mike Tyson once remarked, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

This “Tyson Doctrine” certainly holds true for marketing and media plans.

Your plans always look great on paper. But when the bell rings on the campaign launch date, that’s when the problems start “punching you in the mouth”: ads not implemented correctly, under-delivery, poorly performing placements, broken conversion pages, under-performing creative, etc. Despite the best laid plans, on some days it seems that nothing goes right.

Until today, you may have known the Bionic Media Planning System for only “before the bell” media planning. Starting with last night’s major platform upgrade, Bionic now also gives you full on “after the bell” Marketing Performance Management and monitoring capabilities.

What is Marketing Performance Management?

Marketing Performance Management (or “MPM”) gives you the power to instantly answer the question “are we on track to hit our marketing objectives?”

So, when your boss unexpectedly walks into your office or your client calls and asks you if their campaign is on track, you can answer this question without an embarrassing delay or a late night research project. Instead, you simply click a button in Bionic and confidently say, “Yes, were pacing ahead of plan on sales by +6.23% as of today.”

Bionic Marketing Performance Management also gives you the information you need to make smart in-flight optimizations to your marketing plan: shutting down the under-performing placements and dialing up the placements that are crushing it.

What problem does Bionic Marketing Performance Management solve?

According to the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog, a typical marketer uses more than 100 software systems to execute their marketing programs. You read that right – more than one hundred systems! That seems over the top, but that’s the cruel reality of modern marketing.

The marketing automation ecosystem has become increasingly fragmented with a dizzying array of platforms and “walled gardens.” Thousands of marketing platforms have been cataloged and new ones spring up every day. Here are three visual representations of today’s insane marketing landscape (click on the image to see the high resolution version):

Additionally, as modern marketer, you’re expected to track dozens of metrics being generated from all these marketing automation platforms including

  • Ad delivery metrics such as impressions, GRPs, views, and completed views
  • Spending metrics such as net media cost and gross media cost
  • Engagement metrics such as opens, clicks, visits, calls, replies, shares, pins, and likes
  • Efficiency metrics such as CPM, vCPM, CPC, CPL, and CPP
  • Conversion metrics such as conversions, downloads, installs, leads, and sales
  • Value metrics such as conversion value, revenue, and lifetime value
  • ROI metrics such as ROMI and ROAS
  • … and more.

marketing performance metrics

With your marketing performance data scattered in hundreds of systems and your media plan in yet another system (or in an Excel worksheet), it’s virtually impossible to make sense of all of your marketing performance data without driving yourself crazy.

Bionic MPM helps you make sense of all your marketing performance data from all of your marketing automation platforms

Every night, while you’re sleeping soundly, Bionic springs into action on your behalf. It reaches out and pulls marketing performance data from each of the marketing automation platforms involved in your campaigns: ad servers, website analytics, e-commerce systems, etc. Then it transforms this raw source data into standardized marketing metrics such as impressions, clicks, visits, conversions, revenue, and dozens of other metrics. Then, it compares your performance data against your performance goals and performs hundreds of calculations to determine whether or not you are on track. When you get to work in the morning, you see a beautiful marketing performance dashboard that looks like this:


The Bionic platform can support virtually any marketing performance metric. At launch, Bionic supports 44 of the most popular marketing metrics (others will be added in order to serve client needs).


The Bionic platform can support virtually any marketing automation platform. Every platform gets a custom-built adapter for seamless integration. At launch, Bionic has adapters in place for popular marketing automation platforms including Google AdWords, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), Google Analytics, Sizmek, Mediaplex, Eyereturn, and RevTrax (other adapters will be added according to client needs).

Your ultimate Marketing Performance Management dashboard

Bionic enables you to bring together all your performance data from all your marketing automation systems.

  • Imagine showing up to work in the morning and knowing how well each of your marketing campaigns is doing against all of your objectives with precision of a fraction of a percent.
  • Imagine being able to easily track the performance of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other “walled garden” platforms from one central console.
  • Imagine being able to tie your digital advertising to offline behaviors such as in-store sales.

You can do all of this and more with Bionic Marketing Performance Management.

How do I get Bionic Marketing Performance Management?

If you’re already using Bionic Media Planner, you already have Marketing Performance Management. It was automatically included for free in your latest software upgrade. Let us know if you want some help getting started.

If you’re not already using Bionic, you can request access here:

How will you enter the ring on your next marketing campaign?

Isn’t it time to stop getting “punched in the mouth” by your campaigns? Without a good system in place, you’re entering the ring blindfolded with one hand tied behind your back. Gain a powerful advantage with Bionic Marketing Performance Management and enter your next campaign fully prepared to win the marketing battle.