When media planning, sometimes your media plans can grow out of control. As more and more lines are added to your plan, it becomes unmanageable. And it becomes almost impossible to avoid costly mistakes. Without the right tools, media planning at scale can be overwhelming.

Bionic media planning software helps you to manage even the nastiest media plans. And Bionic just got even better with the introduction of media plan filters.

What are Media Plan Filters?

Media plan filters enable you to see a subset of your media plan. For example:

  • Show me only TV and radio placements
  • Show me only placements running in the first quarter
  • Show me all the placements that have not yet been coded
  • Show me all the placements promoting orthopedic services
  • Show me all the placements using the bulldozer creative
  • … and many other examples

If you’ve ever used the filtering features of spreadsheet tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, you already know how this works.

Bionic media planning software enables you to filter your media plan based on the data stored in any column in your media plan. After you apply your filter to your media plan, you see only the placements that interest you.

Here’s a video of media plan filters in action



Media Plan Filters + Allocation Drill-downs = Smarter Media Planning

When using allocation charts to analyze your media plan, you can now click any item to drill down view to the subset of the media plan that comprises that portion of the media plan:


This is a super-handy tool for analyzing your media plan from every perspective.

Media Plan Filters + Batch Edit = Faster Media Planning

Last month, you got the ability to batch edit your media plan. The new filtering capability pairs powerfully with batch edit. It gives you a powerful new combination that can be used for a variety of applications. For example:

  • Changing the start date of certain placements to a future date
  • Finding and fixing improperly coded placements

Here’s a video of the combination of features in action to correct the coding of a media plan:



Here’s a video of pushing back a batch of start dates by one month



How to Get Filters for Your Media Plans

If you’re already using Bionic media planning software, your account has already been upgraded with the new Filter functionality. You will find a new “Filter” button in the action bar above your media plan. For training and assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care group. You get unlimited training and support with your Bionic subscription.

If you don’t yet have Bionic, you can learn more on the media planning software page. Hint: click the red “see a demo” button to access a self-paced online product demonstration. And you can request your own account on our website. Your subscription includes a 60-day, money back Satisfaction Guarantee. So, there’s no risk in trying Bionic.