Building and implementing an effective media plan requires a lot of information to guide the advertising strategy and tactics. The dynamic flow of nitpicky requirements combined with a necessity to focus on endless details makes it a challenge for media planners to keep strategy and high-level goals top of mind.

The media brief provides some clarity. Unfortunately, it’s a standalone document created at the beginning of the advertising process and is often forgotten on a shelf shortly after it’s presented. It’s seldom revisited and rarely updated once the heavy lifting starts.

What really happens is documentation gets scattered across emails, hidden in notebooks, buried in reports or, worst of all, kept as “institutional knowledge” (i.e. in someone’s vague memory).

You’re already juggling enough. Having one place you can go to stay on top of the strategy as your media plans evolve saves time and stops the cycle of confusion that leads to suboptimal media buys.

Overviews Present Big Picture Information

A new feature in Bionic, overviews provides the space for you to present all high level, strategic information in a consistent location that the entire team can access. Now you can easily manage advertising strategy in the same software that you build, analyze and execute media plans.

Centralizing the advertising strategy keeps everyone on the same page and makes for a smoother media planning process. It’s a huge help when someone must pinch hit for a co-worker who is out sick, when reorganizing account responsibilities and when onboarding new hires.

Customizable overviews are available for both advertisers and campaigns.

Advertiser Overview

Advertiser Overview

The new Advertiser Overview tab allows you to summarize high-level information on each client including company history, advertising objectives, KPIs, company contacts, and everything else critical to understanding the client.

Campaign Overview

Advertiser Overview

Details you’ve input will only be a click away when you’re working on a media plan with the new Campaign Overview tab. It keeps vital information on each campaign including the media brief, creative, KPIs, strategy, focus (such as increasing sales, awareness or traffic), objectives, and anything else you choose to include.

See the Big Picture with Bionic

Creating a space to see a big picture was another great idea that came from Bionic’s extraordinary customers. The overview features integrate seamlessly with Bionic’s powerful media planning tools to help you create a more organized media buying process.

If you’re already using Bionic, the new strategic overview features will be available the next time you log in.

If you’re not yet using Bionic, you can learn more and see a demo at