“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Have you ever failed while trying to collaborate on a media plan? Were you looking at the wrong version? Did they clobber your changes? That’s because your media planning tool was not built properly for teamwork.

Bionic just unveiled a revolutionary new tool that enables real-time, collaborative media planning. You’ve got to see it to believe it!

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Media Planning is a Team Sport

Media planning is a fast-paced, team-based activity. Everyone needs to be on the same page and working together to successfully achieve the goals of the advertising campaign. This is especially true if you work in a team with a big advertising budget and a challenging media brief.

Most Media Planning Tools Fail at Teamwork

Unfortunately, most media planning tools force you to work alone. They fail at teamwork because they were not built for collaboration. They were built for lone wolf media planners.

In the worst case, you work offline with Excel or in a PC-based media planning tool. You’re stranded on your own desert island with no way for you to get real-time input from your colleagues. Even if you’re working with an online media planning tool, you will probably still find yourself working alone. That’s because most media planning tools were not built for real-time collaboration.

As a result, you’ll often find yourself working on an old version of the media plan. Then your changes get clobbered by someone else’s update. Grrr.

Online Spreadsheets Get You Closer

If you’ve ever worked in Google Sheets or the new Microsoft Excel, you know what it’s like to work in an online collaborative workspace. You always have the current version. Nobody else clobbers your changes. You can see who else is working on the spreadsheet. You can see the changes they make. You can see a complete history of the changes.  You feel like you are part of a team!

These are great tools, but as everyone knows, spreadsheets don’t cut it for media planning. That’s because spreadsheets lack important media planning tools, don’t enforce standards, don’t save to a database, don’t integrate with other systems, and generally don’t work well because they were not built for media planning.

Bionic Enables True Collaborative Media Planning

Imagine if you could get all the benefits of real-time collaboration of an online spreadsheet, but in a real media planning tool. How great would that be?  Your dream has come true…

Bionic just unveiled a major upgrade to its media planning software that includes an unprecedented set of tools for collaborative media planning:

  • Always see the most current version of the media plan

  • Never again have your changes clobbered by someone else

  • You can work with your teammates on same plan at the same time

  • You can see who else is working on the plan

  • You can see where others are working

  • You can see their changes instantly

  • You can send instant messages to each other

  • You can see an audit trail of all changes

  • You can easily undo any mistakes

Product Demo Video

You have to see the new collaborative media planning capabilities in action to fully appreciate them. Here’s a video demonstration:


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How to Gain Collaborative Media Planning Capabilities

If you’re already using Bionic, you already have these powerful new tools!  Your account was automatically upgraded for free as part of your subscription. Go to any media plan and you will find the new features. Please let us know if you need any help or training.

If you’re not yet using Bionic, there’s no shame because that’s easy to fix. You can start a trial on our website right here: https://get.bionic-ads.com/request-account

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