Bionic, the #1 rated media planning tool, today unveiled a new media planning experience that includes new media plan creation tools, search tools, filters, customized views, and batch functions like clone and batch edit.

Media plan creation tools

The new multi-function media plan creation tool makes it easy to add placements, packages, and roadblocks to your media plan.

Media plan filters

The new media plan filter tool makes it easy to focus on aspects of your media plan and to eliminate distractions. For example, you might want to filter on certain media channels or specific vendors.

You are not limited to the basic filters. You can add filters for virtually any column in your media plan.

Customize your media plan view

The new view settings tool enables you to customize the columns you see in your media plan, and to hide those you want to ignore.

Batch function toolbar

By default, the batch function toolbar is hidden. As soon you select a placement, the toolbar springs into action and reveals the batch functions you can perform on the selected placements.

Clone media placements

The newly updated clone tool enables you to create one or more copies of your selected placements. This is a huge time-saver when you have to create a bunch of similar media placements with only minor variations.

Batch edit placements

The newly updated batch edit tool enables you to edit a batch of lines on your media plan all at once.

How to get the new media planning experience

If you’re already using Bionic, your account has already been upgraded with the new media planning experience. Contact your client success manager or customer support if you have any questions or to arrange a training session.

It you’re not yet using Bionic, go to our Bionic for Agencies product page to start a trial today.

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