Ugh! Now is the time of year when every advertiser expects to receive a detailed year-end report showing how their advertising budgets were spent and how well their placements performed last year.

Without the right system, year-end reporting is a time-consuming slog.

When media investment data are scattered in myriad spreadsheets and advertising platforms, it takes weeks to gather it into one place for reporting. Even then, it takes days to cobble together charts, presentations, and reports of your findings. Not fun!

Year-End Reporting with Bionic

With Bionic, year-end reporting is easy. Bionic automates the worst parts of the job which frees you to focus on your attention on insights and client presentation. Besides saving lots of time, these tools will improve the quality of your presentation and demonstrate more value to your clients.

Automate Data Gathering

With Bionic for Agencies, you completely eliminate the drudgery of gathering data. That’s because Bionic automatically gathers, structures, and organizes your media investment and performance data throughout the year as a by-product of your media planning activities.

Streamline Reporting

Bionic also streamlines your reporting process. Bionic for Agencies includes dozens of pre-built reports that are designed to streamline your year-end reporting.

You can also create customized client dashboards and reports through Bionic Data Studio. Unlike typical dashboard projects that take months to implement, you can be up and running on Bionic Data Studio in less than 5 minutes. That’s because we’ve already built the database and connected it to the reporting tools in Google Data Studio. All you have to do is activate the connection and you are good to go.

Getting Started on Bionic Year-End Reporting

If you’re already using Bionic and need some help with your year-end reporting, contact customer support. We’d be happy to help you. Remember, your subscription includes unlimited training and support.

If you’re not yet on Bionic, you can request your trial on our website here: