Bionic today unveiled new insertion order formats to facilitate media buying across the full spectrum of traditional broadcast and modern programmatic advertising channels.

Universal Insertion Order Format

The Universal Format is useful for buying all forms of advertising: print, radio, TV, billboard (OOH), events, digital, programmatic, social, audience, CTV/OTT, and every other media channel.

This flexible format enables you to choose exactly which media plan columns to include in your insertion orders. You choose exactly how to present rates, quantities, amounts, and discounts. You can include ratings information, if appropriate. You can even include performance KPIs!

Broadcast – Spots by Week Insertion Order Format

The “Broadcast – Spots by Week” format is useful for buying broadcast radio and television advertising.

In this traditional format, spots are presented by broadcast week, which runs Monday through Sunday, with rates and amounts shown in gross pricing. Advertising dayparts, start date, end date, program name, and demographics are included with every line item. Placements are summarized by station and by market.

Digital – Net Media by Month Insertion Order Format

The “Digital – Net Media by Month” format is useful for buying digital advertising programmatically, where there are no set prices, only budgets.

In this modern format, your net media budgets are presented by calendar month. Each line-item indicates the advertising program, product, targeting criteria, channel, and ad unit. To set expectations about advertising efficiency and performance, it presents estimates for CPM (cost per thousand impressions), impressions, and clicks.

This format is useful even if you don’t actually sign IOs with your vendor. This is often the case in programmatic advertising. Creating an internal order will set you up nicely when the vendor bills start rolling in. That’s because Bionic will use the order budgets to automate your vendor bill reconcilations.

Your Custom Insertion Order Format!

If the format you seek is missing, we can add it for you.  If you can express your layout in Microsoft Excel, we can probably add it to Bionic’s list of formats. We can even add it as a proprietary format only available to your agency!

To add a format, contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support.

How to Get the New IO Formats

If you’re already using Bionic for Agencies, you already have these new formats.  We installed them into your account as a free upgrade.

If you’re not yet using Bionic, you can request a trial on our website here:

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