For spots-based advertising media like television and radio, laying down spots by broadcast week is a critical piece of the media planning process. Bionic just added a new ad spots editor tool to speed up your media buying workflow.

Broadcast Calendar vs. Standard Calendar

Traditional broadcast media runs on a broadcast calendar where every week starts on a Monday and every month has exactly 4 weeks (28 days) or 5 weeks (35 days).

Without the right tool, translating between the “standard” (technically, Gregorian) calendar and the broadcast calendar is a chore. This is gets even more complicated on a multi-channel advertising campaign when you are mixing digital placements on the standard calendar with broadcast placements.

Bionic Automates Advertising Calendars

Fortunately, Bionic for Agencies automates the advertising calendar translations for you. When flighting placements, you choose the calendar and flighting plan and Bionic takes care of the rest.

Bionic also gives you tools for weekparting

And for dayparting your advertising placements:

Bionic Streamlines Your Ad Spots Laydown

One of the things that’s been missing from Bionic’s powerful flighting capabilities is a tool to visualize and rapidly edit spots by broadcast week.

The latest upgrades to Bionic for Agencies and Bionic for Ad Sales include a new tool that streamlines laying down advertising spots, without “dumbing down” Bionic’s flighting capabilities.  Basically, you get the best of both worlds – rapid editing plus enhanced flighting.

Automatic Ad Spots Distribution

When you create a spots-based advertising placement, Bionic will evenly distribute your spots between your start date and end date. You will see this distribution in the new ad spots editor tool.

Custom Ad Spots Distribution

For advertising placements where spots are not evenly distributed, you can override the default distribution with a custom distribution. You can use the ad spots editor to heavy up, lighten up, or hiatus your spots by broadcast week.

Ad Spots by Week Summary

You also see a summary of spots by week for your entire media plan in the summary row.

Automate Your Media Buying Workflow

Your ad spots schedules are passed through your entire media planning workflow – RFPs, proposals, media plans, insertion orders, billing, reconciliations, and payments.

How to Get the Ad Spots Media Buying Tool

If you’re already using Bionic for Agencies or Bionic for Ad Sales, you’ve already got the new Ad Spots Media Buying Tool. The next time you add a spots-based placement to a media plan or proposal, the new tool will automagically spring to life.  Please let us know how we can help you get the most from your new tool.

If you don’t yet have access to Bionic, request an account:

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