Bionic now enables you to add native advertisements to your media plans and proposals.

Native advertising is one of today’s fastest growing trends in digital media. Not a day passes without a bunch of news stories covering native advertising. Pew Research Center’s 2013 State of the News Media Report found that “though it remains small in dollars, the category’s growth rate is second only to that of video. Sponsorship ads rose 38.9%, to $1.56 billion; that followed a jump of 56.1% in 2011.” Whether the trend will continue on this fast growth rate is anyone’s guess. However, it’s clearly part of today’s media strategy and you need a media planning tool that enables you to present a comprehensive media plan that includes native advertisements.

Native advertising definitely has its challenges.

“The big unanswered question is not whether native has disruptive potential — it clearly does,” observed Felix Salmon in The Disruptive Potential of Native Advertising. “Rather, it’s whether native will ever be able to truly scale.”

Native advertising’s biggest challenge is in content creation. Another big problem is creating and executing media plans with native advertisements. Yesterday’s media planning systems already have a hard enough time supporting digital advertising with standard IAB ad units. Adding native advertising to the mix with custom placements, unique pricing methods, and custom ad units further exacerbates the problem. Native ads were never even envisioned when those old planning systems were originally built. This lack of support forces you to create your plans offline in Excel and derails the entire media planning process into an expensive manual project.

Bionic Advertising Systems solves the native advertising media problem by fully supporting native advertisements in its Bionic Media Planner and Bionic Ad Sales System. With Bionic, you can now easily include native advertising placements and packages in your media plan:


Your native advertisements display beautifully in your Advertising Flowcharts:


… and in your Media Allocation Charts:


Support for native advertising is seamlessly integrated in throughout the system. This new functionality is available today. If you’re already using Bionic Media Planner, you can include native advertising placements in your media plans by simply adding lines and selecting “native” in the channel column. If you’re not already using it, request your free trial of Bionic Media Planner at:

The “Native Advertising in Context” image above provided courtesy of Solve Media as part of their Native Advertising Infographic.