When asking your advertiser for approval of your media plan, it’s helpful to present it through a persuasive PowerPoint presentation. It shows you’ve done your homework and it’s a great way to summarize an incredible amount of detail into a concise visual format. Most importantly, it’s an effective way to get prompt sign-off on your media authorization.

Unfortunately, it can take hours to create the PowerPoint manually: copying and pasting logos and screenshots, manually creating charts, slicing and dicing the media plan. Besides being unpleasant grunt work, this is time you could otherwise be spending on strategy, optimization, and other high value activities.

Good news… you can now create a persuasive PowerPoint in a small fraction of the time with Bionic.

With the latest release of Bionic Planner, you get a new option to export your media plan in PowerPoint PPTX format:


When you click the export button you get an information-packed, customizable PowerPoint presentation instantly downloaded to your desktop. It contains a media plan overview, flowcharts, allocation charts, summaries by media channel, vendor logos, vendor pages, and more. For example, using this feature, I was created an impressive 58-slide PowerPoint in a matter of seconds.


PowerPoint exports is the latest in a series of innovations from Bionic including cloud-based media planning, online collaboration, RFP automation, digital advertising directory, private marketplaces, advertising flowcharts, cross-channel planning, allocation charts, media calculator, multi-currency, native advertising support, and campaign delivery and pacing monitoring.

All of this and more is available today in Bionic Media Planner. If you’re not already using Bionic Planner, request your access at: //www.bionic-ads.com/planner/.