As an advertiser, you need to answer two fundamental questions about your advertising media investments:

  1. Where is your money going?
  2. Is it working?

For many advertisers, it’s frustrating to get prompt and concise answers to these basic business questions. That’s because media performance data is scattered, disorganized, or unavailable.  Until now…

Bionic today unveiled a new tool, Bionic for Advertisers, that reveals the naked truth about your global media investment performance across all your agencies.

Transparency, Accountability, and Control

Bionic for Advertisers aims to give you full transparency, accountability and control of your media investments. It includes media investment performance monitoring software that enables you to:

Track Your Media Investments – Bionic gives you a real-time, global view of your media investment performance across all your media placements – online and offline.

Collaborate with Your Agencies – Access media performance data and collaborate with all your media agencies.

Uncover Strategic Insights – Make better decisions with clean data that reveals strategic insights and feeds your marketing analytics.

Centralize Your Results

Bionic gives you an unvarnished view of your media investment performance through an unprecedented suite of tools, including:

  • Accountable Media Budgets

  • Flawless Advertising Schedules

  • Meticulous Media Plans

  • Enlightening Advertising Flowcharts

  • Incisive Media Spending Analysis

  • Steadfast KPI Pacing Reports

  • And More…

How to Get Bionic for Advertisers

To get started with Bionic for Advertisers, you can register on our website here:

Once registered, you will gain access to product demonstrations, implementation advice, the software, training, support and whatever else you need to get started on Bionic.