The economic fallout from the Coronavirus outbreak is hitting advertising sales teams especially hard. Advertising budgets have been slashed or put on hold. Media planners and media buyers are harder to reach than ever.

To help all of us to get through this shitstorm, Bionic is offering ad sales teams a Coronavirus Aid program which includes free audits of ad program listings, free contact updater tool, free upgrades to premium, and free media planner webinars.

Free Audit of Your Ad Program Listings

Your foundation for success in reaching media planners is your Catalog of Advertising Programs. Your advertising program listings are especially critical when selling remotely as we are today. The quality of many listings is poor, but can easily be improved.

We’d like to help you to attract more inbound business with a free audit of your program listings. This audit includes a review and action plan for improving your listings. We’ll also help you to execute the action plan.

Free Ad Sales Contact Updater Tool

It would be a shame to miss out on ad sales deal simply because of incorrect ad sales contact information. We just unveiled a free tool that makes it easy to review and update your ad sales contacts.

Free Upgrade to Premium

Bionic’s Premium Listings Program puts your ad inventory in front of media planners every time they create a new media plan. We’d like to help you win more placements in newly created media plans with a free upgrade to Premium until June 2020 or end of pandemic, whichever is later.

Free Media Planner Webinar

Bionic can help you reach our network of 7,000+ media planners for through a live webinar. We’d like to help you to generate awareness of your current offerings with a free webinar. This offer is limited, with a maximum of one webinar per day, and the subject matter must be sensitive and relevant to the current Coronavirus situation.

Webinar of Coronavirus Aid Program


Speaking of webinars, here’s a replay of the “Coronavirus Aid for Ad Sales Teams” webinar presented by Casey McClay and Joe Pych on Thursday, April 8, 2020.

How To Access These Services

To access any of these services in the Coronavirus Aid program, contact your Client Success Manager or contact Please let us know how we can help you!