Welcome to the world’s biggest experiment in working from home. In this recorded webinar, Brian Dolan, CEO of WorkReduce, shares the best practices he’s developed through many years of delivering media planning services with remote teams. He’s learned a lot of this the hard way, and Brian’s sage advice will help you avoid common pitfalls and set you up for success.

There are plenty of tips-and-tricks guides to transitioning to WFH. A few favorites are from zoom, slack, and miro. This is not that!

In this video, Brian breaks down how media planning teams can go virtual successfully — and perhaps permanently — and the associated higher-order issues that cluster around work (and the tools we use), teams (and communicating with our people), and culture (how individuals respond).

Tools discussed include Miro, Asana, Trello, Jira, Mavenlink, Slack, Teams, Zoom, and Bionic.

Video Timeline

Pro tip: click the “Chapters” control on the right side of the video play bar to jump to any of these sections of the video:

1:27 Introducing Brian Dolan

6:50 About WorkReduce

10:45 Start of Presentation

12:15 The One Big Secret

13:27 Tips for Managing Media Planning Teams Remotely

19:14 The Media Planning Lifecycle

20:42 Meeting Types and Meeting Rules

33:43 Key Tools for Remote Media Planning Teams

42:09 Questions and Answers