The best media plans are the result of great communication. Unfortunately, legacy communication tools don’t support modern media planning and buying workflows.

Introducing Bionic Messenger – a new instant messaging tool that streamlines communication between media planners, media buyers, and ad sales reps.

Bionic Messenger is Unlike Your Other Communication Tools

Bionic Messenger includes the best features of other communication tools while eliminating the worst parts.

  • Unlike email, Bionic Messenger enables you have a secure, two-way conversation in real-time, with messages that never get lost nor clutter your inbox.

  • Unlike Slack or Teams, Bionic Messenger allows you to easily communicate with your external trading partners, and you do not have to be logged in 24/7 to keep up with the discussion.

  • Unlike Basecamp and other project management tools, Bionic Messenger requires zero setup and is simple to use.

  • Unlike texting, Bionic Messenger keeps your work life separate from your personal life.

  • Unlike the telephone, Bionic messages get answered.

  • Unlike other apps, there’s no software to install. Bionic is 100% web-based and can be used on any phone, tablet, or computer.

Bionic Messenger Streamlines Your Workflow

Bionic Messenger aims to facilitate communication in your daily media planning, media buying, and ad sales workflows. Here are just a few examples.

Learning About Advertising Programs

As a media planner, Bionic gives you access to the world’s most comprehensive catalog of advertising programs. What if you still have questions about these programs, such as:

  • What is the audience profile?

  • How much inventory is available?

  • What are the ad specs?

  • What is the cancellation policy?

  • Can we run a test?

  • … and every other question you have!

Bionic Messenger enables you to connect with the ad sales team in real-time. Just click the “Chat with Ad Sales Team” button on any program and you will be instantly connected with the right ad sales rep.

Clarifying RFP requirements

As an ad salesperson, it’s always exciting to get an RFP. But you often have questions that need to be answered for you to respond with a winning proposal.

When reviewing your RFP in Bionic, simply click the “Chat with Media Planning Team” button and you will be instantly connected with the right media planners for a real-time chat.

Finalizing a Proposal

As a media planner, Bionic automatically gathers all your RFP responses in your media planning tool. That’s great, but sometimes you have questions or need adjustments to the proposal.

When reviewing your proposal in Bionic, simply hit the “New Discussion” button to start an online chat with the ad sales rep who sent you the proposal.

Messenger for Media Planners Demo

Here’s a recorded webinar which includes a live demo of Bionic Messenger from a media planner’s perspective.

Messenger for Ad Sales Demo

Here’s a recorded webinar which includes a live demo of Bionic Messenger from an ad sales perspective.

How to Get Bionic Messenger

If you have a Bionic login, you already have Bionic Messenger. You just got Messenger as part of a free software upgrade. The next time you log in you will notice new buttons and widgets that give you access to Messenger. Please contact customer support for help and training.

If you’re a media planner or media buyer, see Bionic for Agencies to start a trial.

If you’re an ad salesperson, see Bionic for Ad Sales to get your free account.