Finally, get true accountability for your Facebook advertising investments!

Bionic today unveiled Facebook ad monitoring software that holds Facebook accountable to your advertising objectives. Bionic automates the process of setting advertising objectives, pulling Facebook performance data, comparing performance to your objectives, and identifying performance problems.

Its purpose is to help you to avoid wasting money on Facebook ads that don’t perform and to optimize your Facebook advertising investments.

Facebook advertising lacks accountability

Facebook shows you how much money you spent.  Facebook gives you reports on impressions, likes, clicks, and other metrics. However, Facebook never tells you if your ads are achieving your business objectives.

It’s not Facebook’s fault; they are not aware of your objectives. So, they have no way to know if you are achieving your objectives.  As a result, Facebook lacks true accountability.

Bionic adds accountability to Facebook advertising

Bionic adds accountability to Facebook by automating the process of setting business objectives, pulling in performance data, reporting on pacing, and highlighting your successes and failures.

Bionic establishes your Facebook advertising goals

To know if you’ve achieved your goals, you first need to set your goals and store them in a database in a structured format. This is virtually impossible to do manually with a spreadsheet. Fortunately, Bionic automates the process of setting KPIs using its one-of-a-kind technology.

When you create your media plan in Bionic for Agencies, you specify the business outcomes your expect in response to your Facebook advertisements. You indicate how many impressions, clicks, likes, conversions, and other objectives as KPIs in your media plan.

Bionic will automatically break down your objectives into day-by-day goals for your Facebook ads. So, on any given day, Bionic knows how many impressions, clicks, likes, and your other KPIs to expect.

Now, you have a powerful database of KPI objectives that you will use baseline from which to compare your actual performance when your ads start running.

Bionic imports Facebook performance data

To make Facebook accountable to your plan, you need to capture the results. Bionic automates the process of pulling performance data from Facebook.

With the latest software upgrade, Bionic has enhanced its integration with Facebook. Bionic will automatically pull Facebook ad results data through their API, standardize the results, and load into Bionic’s database. This will centralize your Facebook performance data along with all your other media investment data.

Bionic compares Facebook’s performance to your advertising objectives

Now with your plans and performance data all centralized, standardized, and connected to your plans

With the latest software upgrade, Bionic automatically pulls daily performance, compares the results to your goals, and boils it down to a simple performance report. You literally see a happy face if you are achieving your business objectives and a sad face if you are not. Then you can drill into the details to analyze further.

Now, you can easily see how your Facebook ads are performing as you sip your morning coffee.

Bionic centralizes Facebook with all other platform performance data

A given Facebook placement may generate performance data outside of Facebook. For example, it might drive people to your website which is tracked by your website analytics software and to buy from your website which is tracked by your eCommerce software.

Facebook might just be one placement in a media plan with placements to advertise on many other platforms.

Wouldn’t it be nice to pull all this data onto one, centralized marketing performance dashboard?

This gives you a complete view of your advertising performance and helps you to find discrepancies. For example, you can compare Facebook’s clicks to web analytics visits and compare Facebook conversions to eCommerce sales.

How to get Bionic Facebook ad monitoring software

The Facebook ad monitoring software is a component of Bionic for Agencies.

If you’re already using Bionic for Agencies, you already have the software. Your account has been upgraded for free with this new tool.  Please contact support to get help in setting up your Facebook integrations: or +1 603-676-7285.

If you’re not yet on Bionic, you can request a trial account here: