Is your advertising delivering the results you expected? Without the right system, it’s infuriatingly difficult to get a straight answer. With Bionic, you get the unvarnished truth.

Can you handle the truth?

Bionic just upgraded its media investment management software with even more steadfast marketing performance monitoring capabilities.

Great Performance Starts with a Great Plan

Most marketing performance dashboards fail to deliver the truth because they don’t understand your expectations.

They lack the capability to store and analyze your advertising goals. As a result, they only report on actuals in the rear-view mirror. They can’t give forward-looking guidance or report on variance from your goals. So, you just don’t really know whether your ads are on track or not.

What’s the point of having a performance monitoring system if it can’t tell you the truth?

Your marketing performance monitoring system needs to deliver more than just eye candy. It needs to expose the reality on performance against all your business KPIs.

Bionic gives you the most powerful advertising goal-setting system available today. It automates the process of establishing KPI goals for each of your placements, then it breaks each of these into daily goals. The result of Bionic’s thousands of calculations is a comprehensive database of all your performance goals.

I’m not hating on dashboards. In fact, I love them.  Bionic can also help you to level up your performance dashboards.  That’s because all this squeaky clean goal data can be exported from Bionic into your marketing database and onto your proprietary marketing dashboard.

Centralize Your Advertising Performance Data

Now that you have all your goals in one place, you need all your performance data in that same centralized database.

According to the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog, a typical marketer uses more than 100 software systems to execute their marketing programs. It’s a waste of time to be constantly logging into each of these platforms to check your performance. To fully optimize your marketing performance, it’s critical to automate this process, so that you can focus your energy on analysis and optimizations.

Bionic automates the process of gathering marketing performance data with a suite of adapters that plugs into each of your marketing platforms, pull performance data nightly, standardize all the metrics, and store it in your centralized marketing performance database.

Is Your Advertising on Track?

Running a marketing campaign is like running a marathon. Unlike marathon runners, most marketers fail to monitor their pace while their campaigns are running. So, they’re oblivious to their true marketing performance until it’s too late. It’s not until they reach the “finish line” of the campaign that they discover they have failed to achieve their marketing objectives.

Bionic solves this problem with a powerful pacing monitor. This pacing tool compares the variance between your marketing goals and actual performance, and then calculates your over/under for each of your goals.

Nobody else provides a tool like this, which is surprising because it is so fundamental to knowing the truth about the success of your campaign.

Monitor Ad Performance Through a Clean and Simple Interface

If you’ve followed the guidelines above, you have all the data and science you need for a great marketing performance monitoring system. Now you just need a good way to visualize your mountain of performance data.

This is where the latest release of Bionic really shines.

Prior to this release, you were able to monitor your advertising performance through Bionic. However, it required a lot of clicking around and the data was primarily presented through charts. Customers asked us to summarize all the performance data “on one page” and “in a spreadsheet format.” That’s exactly what you get in this latest release.

Now with Bionic, you get your performance data through a clean and simple spreadsheet format adorned with clickable emoji that reveal your pacing status.  Don’t let this simple interface fool you – there’s a TON of engineering happening behind the scenes. Kudos to the Bionic development team for putting in the extra work to build this elegant software that makes it easy for you to optimize your advertising.

Here’s a quick video showing off the new capabilities…


For all you chart-lovers out there, don’t worry – your beloved charts are still in Bionic. Just click on the chart toggle button to access them.

How to Get Bionic Marketing Performance Monitoring

If you are already using Bionic, I’ve got some good news for you – your account was already upgraded for free with these new super-powers. It’s all part of your subscription and our commitment to relentless innovation. Please let us know how we can help you take advantage of these new tools.

If you’re not yet using Bionic, don’t worry. You can learn about the product, pricing, and get a trial through our website. Since Bionic is 100% web-based, it’s incredibly easy to get started. Please let us know how we can help you start on your path to the truth.