With today’s fast-moving advertising landscape, it’s impossible to find the best advertising opportunities using yesterday’s slow-moving advertising research tools. As a result, you waste time and money settling for sub-optimal advertising placements based on obsolete tools and faulty data.

Bionic today unveiled a new breed of advertising research tool that employs artificial intelligence and a real-time vendor database to help media planners to optimize advertising placement decisions.

A Fresh Approach to Advertising Research

Staying on top of today’s advertising landscape is practically impossible. There are hundreds of thousands of advertising options and they are changing daily. Ratings systems, while useful, fall short of the needs of today’s media planner. It’s time for a fresh approach.

According to a recent survey by Advertiser Perceptions, although marketers are generally wary of AI, media selection and buying is expected to become the #1 most popular application of AI in marketing in the next two years (it’s currently #2).  According to Frank Papsadore, EVP at Advertiser Perceptions, “the prize will go to the sellers that show advertisers simple, efficient ways to take advantage of AI technology.”

Advertising Research Re-Imagined

Netflix uses AI to recommend your movies. Spotify uses AI to recommend your music. Amazon uses AI to recommend all kinds of stuff. Bionic now employs similar AI to helps you find the best advertising placements.

Bionic uses a proprietary implementation of collaborative filtering AI to predict which placements should work best for your media plan. Bionic is channel agnostic – it works across all media channels including traditional channels like TV, radio, print, and billboards plus new digital channels including display, social, podcast, and audience.

Unlike AI that only works within a single channel or platform (e.g. programmatic), Bionic gives you “open-minded” advertising recommendations across all media channels. The goal of Bionic’s AI is to maximize your advertising effectiveness, without any preference for channel. However, you have the option to constrain to specified media channels if you wish.

Integrated with Media Planning Workflow

Unlike other advertising research systems, Bionic is fully integrated with your media planning workflow. When you see an interesting program, you can easily get details, contact info, profile, usage history and more. You can send an RFP and add to your media plan with the click of a button.

Get AI Without the Usual Hassle

Unlike most AI initiatives, using Bionic AI for media selection is easy.

With a typical AI project, you spend months gathering, wrangling, and cleaning data. Then you spend months training and building your AI models. Then you’re finally ready to try it, only to find out that it doesn’t work properly and you have to iterate the whole process again.

In contrast, with Bionic, you get AI-powered advertising research right out of the box along with Bionic for Agencies media planning software.  All you have to do is enter a few media plans through the standard media planning interface. Bionic will automatically structure and organize your data and build your AI models in the background. No special skills or IT is required.

Your AI models in Bionic are proprietary to you and your clients. Best of all – the more you use Bionic, the smarter your AI gets. As a result, this AI will make your clients happier, and will give them another reason to stay with you!

How to Get AI-Powered Advertising Research

If you’re already using Bionic for Agencies, you’re all set. Your account has been upgraded for free with the AI-Powered Advertising Research tool. The next time you log in you will notice a new “Research” tab on your home page. Don’t hesitate to chat, call, or email customer support for assistance.

If you’re not yet on Bionic, you can request a trial through our website here: https://www.bionic-ads.com/agencies/